Madhyam Communications has been making customers happy for over 14 years.

360° Management Of Your Public Relations

360 Degree Management of your Public Relations

We provide Complete And Efficient Management of your PR Needs

Media and Campaign Management

Media and Campaign Management

We can take care of the Complete handling of all your Media Interactions and Campaign Management requirements

Website Design And Social Media Management

Creative Web Design and Development to Achieve your Business Goals

We can design and maintain your full digital profile, including Social Interactions

Welcome to Madhyam Communications.

We are:

Madhyam Communications Pvt Ltd. We offer cutting edge services in complete media solutions that integrates advertising, media promotions, communications, engagement with stake holders, Brand Management, Research & Distribution Management, Logistics support etc.,

Our Mission:

To establish as a leading communications agency in south India in providing fully integrated communication solutions

Our Approach:

Madhyam will focus on the multi-pronged approach necessary for marketing activities. It is of great importance that in any marketing activity, the marketing strategy and the dynamics of the communication methods is redefined to suit the market conditions.

One of the first steps in marketing communications is to research the audience and find out how much of their thinking is being influenced by local conditions. These conditions comprising of traditions and customs may vary from rural to urban areas. The next step is to understand these traditions, so that promotions exercises such as events, out door advertising such as wall paintings, community based programs such as street plays, video on wheels, fairs or advertising in targeted publications or TV channels can be build around them.

Our approach will therefore be based on what the target audience wants and identifies with, and tailored specifically to suit the needs of both rural and urban localities. The approach is finally fine tuned to minimal budget levels keeping in view of tight purses and pressure on margins on the organisations under current competitive scenario, which is further impacted by recession.

The solutions and expertise is used to maximise the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns – large or small. The approach will help you to integrate multi-channel solutions to yield a greater return on your investment, keep campaigns cost-effective and profitable and deliver highly customised and targeted to get optimisation.