Madhyam Communications has been making customers happy for over 14 years.

Team Madhyam

Our team comprises marketing experts/analysts, senior journalists/communication specialists, advertising experts and creative team consists of copy writers, graphic designers, event managers, advertisement planners, Web designers and developers, Social and Digital Media marketing experts etc., to deliver you the zero tolerance results from conceptualisation to completing sales requests.

Core Team

Kandadai Partha Sarathy: A PR professional turned journalist with more than two decades of media experience in various capacities as reporter, correspondent, bureau incharge, PR consultant, PR Manager is the in-charge of day to day affairs of the company. Expertise includes PR & Media Relations, Branding, Campaigns and Promotions etc.

Prasad Deshpande: An alumnus of Sir JJ College of Art, Mumbai is a creative personality for more than three decades in producing successful campaign and publicity material for leading brands across the spectrum.